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 At CIRCYLAR gallery we come together sharing a common narrative of contemporary art, based to our roots in Urban Art and Skateboarding, as well as our new interest in Postvandalsim and AI-related art. Our connection goes beyond a passion for art, it also reflects our wish for artistic freedom. We are committed to providing a platform that enables artists to showcase their works freely and also building networks for them and other institutions.

For us, freedom is about independence, security, and a solid foundation. We think that true freedom is realized when artists feel secure and have the freedom to express their creativity. For this reason, we are dedicated to creating a culture that supports artists and gives them a platform to express and be recognized for their distinctive voices.

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About Us

CIRCYLAR is run by artist and curator Philipp Wallisfurth, art director and museum founder Jürgen Blümlein  and entrepreneur and business specialist Jochen Küpper. We are not only art lover and exhibition creators, but also enthusiasts for supporting the cultural scene and artistic developments.

CIRCYLAR consists of different parts: our gallery showcasing art in Berlin, our online shop offering original artworks and prints, our agency services developing projects and brand communication as well as art workshop and consultancy for companies and institutions and the Skateboard Museum Berlin (founded by Jürgen Blümlein).


Schwedter Str. 267
10119 Berlin