RIDE THE DRAGON /limited silk-print

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x PANDA MEI /limited silk-print edition

Curated by the Skateboardmuseum Berlin – The exhibition examined the roots, the technical & visual aspects of skateboarding, a lifestyle that has influenced youth culture since the early 1960’s. Looking at its two counterparts, urban art itself and skateboard design, the exhibition explored the wide range of styles and visual expressions of both.

While skateboarding is often seen as an underground movement, it has however conquered the cities around the world, making them their entrepreneurs’ concrete playgrounds. Whereby in about the same time various creative artists have also chosen those same cityscapes to be their urban public galleries.

What brings those creative minds together is not only the streets itself, but their pure passion for the city and urban lifestyle at its roots. And it is on that fundamental level, that skateboarding became far more than just a piece of sports equipment.

With its creative drive and positive energy, it represents a new approach of life and has become a cultural phenomenon like no other! With its rich history, skateboarding has evolved from a ‘useless wooden toy’ to an integral part of the Olympic Games in 2020. Just as Urban Art has made its way into high-class galleries and contemporary art-museums all over the world!

Enjoy the Ride!


designed by Panda Mei

limited edition silkprint

printed by Idle Beats / silkprint studio / Shanghai, China


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