cultural heritage

We not only manage the collection of the Skateboardmuseum Berlin containing over 5.000 exhibits, we constantly search and collect important items from the history of skateboarding.

exhibition design

Our mission is to create and curate outstanding exhibits that create memorable visitor experiences. Whether it’s a small 15 square-meter showroom or a 2,000 square-meter museum space – we know how to showcase art with an impact.

brand communication

Our projects always make an effort to connect brands with their own cultural heritage. We can show where brands originated from, celebrate their historic milestones and project their future trajectories.

Skateboard Museum Berlin is hosting a huge collection of historical skateboard items. The museum preserves the skateboarding heritage, connect with brands and curate skateboarding exhibitions around the world.


Skateboardmuseum Berlin

The Skateboardmuseum Berlin was originally founded in 2005 in the town of Stuttgart. The collection is not only the only of its kind in all of Europe. Internationally, it is regarded as one of the most extensive archives of skateboarding history. The collection has constantly over the last 15 years and now includes more than 5,000 skateboarding memorabilia from across the world. The Museum was founded by Jürgen Blümlein and Daniel Schmid.

This exhibition shows the vibrant history of skateboarding from the early 1950s until today.

Shoes are fundamental to skateboarding – they connect us to our boards. Accompanied by an illustrated history book of the same name, Made For Skates chronicles the entire history of skate footwear from early beginnings until today, featuring original, one-of-a-kind shoes worn by pros and trailblazers.

A simple formula: Remarkable art, either made by skateboarders or made from skateboards. The Art of Skateboarding distills the massive creative potential of skateboarding into a thrilling show.

Skateboarding draws inspiration from art, fashion, and the urban environment. But as a rhythmic and movement-based practice, it’s also highly influenced by music. This exhibit displays the music that inspired generations of skaters, and some skateboarders who inspired the world of music with their tunes.

Not all skateboards are created equal. Freaks of Nature is a special exhibition dedicated to showcasing the most creative and bizarre specimen of skate hardware over time.

Skateboarders have always cared about the way they look. This exhibit brings to life the outfits, trends, and fashion mishaps from a long legacy of skateboard apparel.