STEFAN JANOSKI – Expressing a relationship between a part and a whole (sculpture)

15.000,00  inkl. MwSt.



Stefan Janoski
-original artwork-

bronze sculpture

40 x 30 x 70 cm


// About Stefan Janoski

Based in Los Angeles, California, Stefan Janoski is an American skateboarder, artist, musician, writer and designer. Born in 1979, Janoski travels the world as a professional skateboarder with sponsorship by leading brands including Nike. Janoski is widely known for designing and endorsing a signature skateboarding shoe, the Nike SB Janoski, that counts among the best- selling skateboard-specific shoes of all time.

An autodidact with a lifelong passion for art, Janoski expresses his unique vision across a wide range of mediums, predominantly oil painting and bronze sculpture. His style is characterized by a blend of time-honored artistic techniques and processes – including clay sculptures cast into heavy-weight bronze – with astute and witty observations of modern-day phenomena.

“The way I make things is mostly based on my imagination. Thinking of things that I have never seen and taking things the way I have never seen them done before,” said Stefan Janoski. Humor is a constant theme in Janoski’s evolving body of work. “I take humor very seriously. I like to present things that people have been conditioned to think about in a certain way from another perspective, turning the literal into the fantastical – and vice versa.”

Previous art exhibitions include shows at Three Squares Studios (New York, 2010), Hong Kong harbor (Hong Kong, 2012), at the World Festival of Sports (Shanghai, 2012), Studio 73 (London, 2013), and also the ‘Voyages’ exhibition with artist Andy Warde (Encinitas, 2013), ‘Dissolution’ art show (Paris, 2014), and ‘Nightmares of Normality’ at Beatnik Studios (Sacramento, 2018).

Other projects of note include the Crucifloat, an inflatable pool float in the shape of a crucifix. Originally created by Janoski as a sculpture entitled ‘Relax…Jesus’ in 2014, the Crucifloat is nowavailable as a commercial product with the tagline ‘Float Your Sins Away’. Janoski also created the twelve-time international award-winning stop motion film/music video ‘God I need a girlfriend’. He composes music and plays a variety of instruments, preferably the guitar, and has performed with recording artists such as Milwaukee folk punk band Violent Femmes.

Stefan Janoski leads an interesting life with an even more interesting artistic output that continues to surprise and defy conventions.

Find more information on Stefan Janoski’s official website.

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